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About our online services

This website provides subscribers with access to CPAG’s comprehensive, in-depth information on welfare benefits and tax credits. It includes:

  • clear guidance for claimants and their advisers from CPAG’s best-selling handbooks
  • up-to-date consolidated legislation
  • decisions of the courts, commissioners and Upper Tribunal, many with CPAG commentary

Recent updates

06 Mar 2015
Explanation: these amendments are to indicate the changes in the rules about being treated as having limited capability for work on a repeat claim...
02 Dec 2014
This amendment is to update advice on the setting of new local housing allowance rates as provided for in The Rent Officers (Housing Bene...
25 Nov 2014
This makes reference to the 18-21 Work Skills Pilot Scheme, as introduced by The Jobseeker’s Allowance (18-21 Work Skills Pilot Scheme) Regulations...
24 Nov 2014
This amendment is to reflect the introduction into the personal conditions for the universal credit gateway of the allowing of claims from...
07 Nov 2014
Updated to reflect changes to the definition of ‘blind’ in tax credit rules, as introduced by The Child Benefit (General) and Tax...

How to subscribe

Our online services are available in a choice of annual subscription packages. They are also included in some CPAG memberships.

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